Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where Do You Find The Locker Combination On Big Nate Poptropica What Is The Exact Locker Combination On Poptropica Big Nate Island?

What is the exact locker combination on Poptropica Big Nate Island? - where do you find the locker combination on big nate poptropica

I'm not a caricature, but now I've forgotten the combination study


richard l said...

The combination is 9305 here is my guide

First get all the funny parts are in these places
1 discussion with the man in the shop comix
2. Floor of the Pop Shop
3 upper right corner of the telephone pole in the first area in which they arrive on the island
4 At the top of the wooden tower next to the picture next to the school
5 science in the labs at school
6. one enchanted in the air in the upper right corner of the playground
7 Lords of Light
8.in Photos
9. School in a broken microwave
then replace the comix and get the rubber to talk to people. Next on the light house an old photo is floating and get the location of the photo. You talk to people and trade equipment diving. Back to the Light House and talk to the captain. Put the dry suit and dive for crayfish. Located on the lower right corner. back and talk to the captain who consider you the keys to their boats and let the lobster. Next Go to the top of the house and the use is in the light of the lobster light to a turning pointND birds fly. Now go on the boat and walk Nate on the island. If you beat him, you see the role of the pressure of the two joints in the upper left to the end and get the paper. is the map where the dish is! Ok now go to the park and enter the house at the top. Hangman game (changing answers when) the sale and get cookies peanut Nate. Then go to school and enter the Science Lab. Go to the matter and potions kit of blue and yellow. and bring the temperature to 4 Now you have a stink bomb go cupboard full of things. Code 9305th when you open something in the pile of drawings of the school. then go to the gums. Into the possession and use of the stink bomb. Professor Freak Out. CABN then go with the green and click on it. and turning the light switch. a child sees in the room to save him, then announced at the height of his room, the bell school. Get it and go from the school. and put the girls on the playground will be moved. Go to the playground and make cookies when girls talk. theDog digs a hole and the capsule was opened and read it, and we received the medal !!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth H said...

Nate's Locker Combination (the bump in the laboratory of science) is "9305". Enter the numbers vertically.

lorena c said...

9305, here is my wlkthrough
They speak with the people in comic gates and you will find all the pieces together to find a picture and then get rubber then the turtle and take the jet ski, then win

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